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In our homes. In our parks. It’s in the cardboard we package our products with.

Victorian wood is everywhere. And it’s something we can all be proud of.

Victoria Wood. I Wood showcases the work that the Victorian forestry industry is doing to produce world-class timber and wood products, regenerating every tree and caring for our environment.

This is a place where all Victorians can celebrate the people in our industry, hear their stories and showcase the functionality and beauty of Victorian wood products. It’s where we come together to get behind a strong, resilient, and circular sector – one that is vital to our state.

Victoria Wood is an industry you can be proud to support … Because if Victoria Wood. I Wood too.

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Plant and grow

We don’t just make wood and wood products; we plant trees, grow and nurture them throughout the forestry life cycle. Our trees are part of a cycle which has been practiced for generations.

Our wood is renewable. Our growers strictly follow best practice, planting and growing 15 million new trees every year, and caring for over 400,000 ha of Victoria’s existing estate. All our growers and managers are certified under one of two – or sometimes both – global certification schemes. 

Our growing trees sequester carbon in their wood, roots and bark. Around half of every tree is stored carbon. 

From trunk to canopy, we utilise every part of the trees we harvest. We want to ensure this natural and renewable resource continues to provide for generations to come. 

We are proud of our wood and wood products

Victorian wood is world-class. We use it in many ways, every day.

To warm and insulate our homes, the musical instruments we play, the table we sit at and the frames our pictures are in… wood is everywhere. 

But it’s also in the places we don’t even think about: biofuels for machinery, pulp for cardboard boxes and tan bark in our children’s playgrounds.

Think about how often Victorian wood plays a role in your life. Chances are, you simply can’t live without it.

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Our place in Victoria

Forestry is in our nature. It’s ingrained in the communities where we work and live.

Our sector is an employer and economic engine room for Victoria, generating more than $6 billion per year and supporting up to 115,000 businesses from the burbs to the bush.

From building sustainable homes to keeping us safe in bushfire season, forestry enriches our local communities.

Victorian wood is more than just a commodity.

It’s the driving force behind local businesses, the ultimate renewable resource, and a big part of our lives.

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Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) is an advanced manufacturer and established leader amongst Australian timber product suppliers.

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Planting for the future

Hancock Victorian Plantation (HVP) is Victoria’s largest private timber plantation company, with an estate covering 238,000 hectares.